iStyle Fashion and Beauty Society is an online business consulting program for beauty and fashion professionals. We provide custom training courses, exclusive networking opportunities, one-on-one coaching and additional resources to small business owners in the beauty and fashion industries.



Our mission is to help under-served professionals with the appropriate resources to obtain financial assistance to launch and sustain a business in the beauty and fashion industries.

Our Membership

We serve a diverse group of style-conscious (majority) female entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our members own or are starting businesses in:
•       Fashion – apparel and accessories
•       Beauty – salon and spa services
•       Cosmetics – new lines and retail
•       Online and brick and mortar resale of existing product lines

We have an established audience of clients and tens of thousands of potential clients that we reach every month through blogs, newsletters, speaking engagements, media guest appearances, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Our clients are tapping into a multi-billion dollar market that’s expected to top $1 trillion by 2015…. And they’re eager to expand their businesses.



We’re strategic partnerships with retailers and financial outlets to provide additional business services and support to our network of clients.
We have:
•       Over 10,000 email subscribers and growing
•       Over 20,000 blog visitors monthly
•       Regular monthly speaking engagements
•       Advertising on our website, newsletter and web programming (YouTube, future podcasts)
•       Contest and giveaway opportunities through our blog and social media sites

Our audience is highly motivated, growing steadily, and serious about purchasing goods and services that improve their business and help them gain access to capital.