E-Books and Workshops

Our e-books are for individuals and organizations that could use various steps on how to achieve a specific result. Each e-book is geared towards guiding an individual personal and business success in the beauty and fashion industry. Our e-books are short and straight to the point. They are best for individuals who want to continually refer back to specific steps they need to accomplish.

Our workbooks are more hands on and make you really take action. We provide templates and handouts within the workbooks. Some examples are:

• Action plan sheets
• Check list
• Month by Month Assignments
• Industry Specific Calendars
• Industry Specific Vocabulary List
• Exploring your Options after you are Qualified, Licensed, or Established
• Business Planning Principles
• Your Business Plan Essentials
• Building your Business
• Your Marketing Strategy
• Advertising Options
• Press Kit Essentials
• Public Relations
• Sales Training
• Business Specific Insurance
• Branding
• Referrals
• Your Business Website
• Pricing Your Services
• Start-Up Items
• Quick Business Tips
• Business Goal Setting Exercise
• Marketing Brainstorming Exercise
• Career Wheel and Focus Form

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