What we offer…

  • The opportunity to have a place where you can get access to support, study your craft and hone your skills 24/7.
  • We provide coaching for you as a business owner, but specifically catering to you as a fashion and beauty professional.
  • You can safely consult with us regarding your business needs, trusting us to maintain our confidentiality agreement.
  • The opportunity to belong to an exclusive society where you can share your fears, stress, success, triumphs and network with your peers. People who are relatable and personable, sharing the same business obstacles turned victories as you do.
  • We meet you where you are. By providing three levels of membership with products and services suitable for your business.
  1. Our Lady Leadership level of membership is designated for aspiring business owners.
  2. Our Dividend Dutchess level of membership is designated for start up business owners.
  3. Our Empowered Empress level of membership is designated for established business owners.
·       Launch business or brand
·       Acquire funding
·       Increase Profits
·       Increase Cash flow
·       More control over:
o   Business, Health, Finances
·       High ROI
·       Build Reputation and creditability
·       Make Promotions Work Better
·       Differentiate brand/ business from Competitors
·       More perceived value
·       Charge what the brand is worth
·       Media exposure
·       Increased referrals
·       Increased Clients
·       Client Retention
·       Boost Name Recognition
·       Enhance Local Image
·       Sponsorships
·       Additional Sources of Income
·       Complete Business plan
·       Complete Marketing Plan
·       Attractive Marketing
·       Social Media
·       Complete Financial Plan
·       Proposal writing
·       Financial, Marketing, Management Training
·       Meet top decision makers
·       Learn from Industry Leaders
·       Celebrity/ Well-known Mentors
·       Maximize Leverage
·       Networking events
·       Become a part of a high demand beauty and fashion society
·       Exclusive offers and Discounts
·       Access to Industry Secrets
·       VIP Special Event Invites
·       Press Release
·       Videos for Blogs, Websites, & YouTube
·       PR Campaigns
·       Fundraising Campaign
·       Mentoring
·       1-on-1 Coaching
·       Speaking Engagements
·       Members Special Offers/ Access